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This is no cookie cutter program! I created my Trust Your Body Private Coaching Experience to help guide you back to being the authority of your food, your body, and YOUR LIFE! 


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The Mind & Body Strong Podcast brings topics and conversations around habit change, psychology, intuition, spirituality, health at every size, mindset and all that comes with having a human experience!


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Topics include health, exercise, intuitive eating, health at every size, beating binge eating, mindset, habit change, and all the tools you need to help you live your BEST life!


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No more sitting on the sidelines waiting for weightloss to feel confident! I created my 1:1 Trust Your Body Coaching Experience to help you break down the walls of diet & beauty culture that have been keeping you at war with your body so you can start living your life to the fullest in the body you have today!

Hey Friend! The Name's Katie!

I'm a certified Life coach & Trainer who specializes in body image, intuitive eating, & learning to love movement. But I am also just like you! I have been through my own ups and downs navigating this thing called LIFE. Now I am here to help guide you towards taking back control and living a life you can't WAIT to wake up to!


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