Binge No More

A self paced course to help you overcome the obsession around food and experience ease with eating. Finally end the war against food and your body.



I wish that I could eat whatever I wanted without guilt.

Does everyone else stress about food as much as me?

If I don't control my food at all times, I will eat everything in sight.

I can't keep chips or candy in the house for fear of eating the whole bag.

I am filled with guilt about my food choices.

What, when, and how much to eat is ALWAYS on my mind and its exhausting!

I don't have the will power to not eat alllll the chips or candy in front of me.

I can only eat a certain amount of calories a day or I will gain weight.

I want to stop binge eating but have no idea where to begin.


I know this is possible for you because I myself struggled with yo-yo diet-binge cycle for 3 YEARS.

Meet Your Coach!

Hey Sister! The name's Katie & even after feeling stuck in the diet-binge cycle for years I finally found my way to freedom! I used to think:

That my food obsession was something I would never be able to overcome and that food freedom was for those "other girls".

That I couldn't buy snacks or treats with out eating them ALL!

That if I gave up dieting that would mean I was giving up on my health.

I am here to tell you there is hope! That you can live a life without the stress around food! I created this course to help take the stress and confusion out of it for you and guide you towards the TRUTH! Beating binge eating is possible for you!! And I am here to show you the way!


This course is for you if:

  • You are ready to stop the diet-binge cycle and make peace with food

  • If you are ready to start living your life to the fullest instead of wasting your time and energy worrying about food.

  • want to gain head space from ending the obsession around food.

  • Are ready to put weight loss on the back burner to heal your relationship with food.

  • Are open to shifting their mindset to new, infinite possibilities.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You need medical attention for an eating disorder.

  • Are looking to lose weight from a quick fix diet plan.
  • Are not willing to be open minded and discover your infinite potential. 

A Behind The Scenes Look at The Course

**PLUS: 5+ bonus lessons on topics like emotional eating, overcoming the fear of weight gain, and surviving the holidays!

"Your life changes the moment you make a new, congreuent, and committed decision." - Tony Robbins

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This course and all the future updates are your's forever!

Binge No More Self Study



Choice 1: Continue letting food rules, binge eating, and diets control your life & never discover the potential your life has with food freedom.

Choice 2: You learn how to break up with dieting and binge eating for good and discover a life without guilt, stress, or anxiety around food!!


Join the Binge No More self paced course and get started on your food freedom journey INSTANTLY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Binge No More self paced course 10 lessons with videos and action steps, 4 bonus videos, email support from Katie & her team for 1 month, and lifetime access to all the content and future updates/additions! 

YES! I believe in all my courses and coaching so much that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied within 30 days, we will refund you your muh-lah!! Must have completed all the lessons and action steps to be eligible. 

There are 10 lessons in this course plus an intro and where to go from here video!

I have also included lots of bonus material to help you take your journey to the next level! And of course, you will have access forever and get access to all future updates and improvements!

I spent 3 YEARS caught up in the binge-diet cycle and once I learned what you are about to learn in this course, you will be able to save time and money figuring it on your own and finally mend your relationship with food once and for all!! I am so confident this will lead you to your break through!

I read EVERY comment in the course and I am there to help you course correct along the way! You will also get 1 month of email access for all your direct questions.



  • Going to parties or on vacation without feeling stressed about food the whole time.
  • Keeping snacks and sweets in the house without fear of binging on them. 
  • Being so in touch with your body and allowing yourself to eat what you REALLY want instead of what you SHOULD eat.
  • A stronger mindset to carry with your throughout ALL life situations!

Grab Your Course Now!

This course and all the future updates are your's forever!

Binge No More Self Study



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