Body Image Reboot

A 10 video mini course to introduce you to powerful concepts and practices of body acceptance & reclaiming your body from diet culture.


Are Your Experiencing Negative Body Talk? Are You Sick & Tired Diet Culture's Empty Promises? Are You Ready To Let Go Of Harmful Messages Around Food & Your Body & Step Into Peaceful Partnership?

Want to know a secret? Body image actually has NOTHING to do with how your body looks.

Body image is formed in our minds, from our culture, upbringing, and experiences.

Thus, you do NOT need to change your body to feel more confident... It's allllll about shifting your mindset and leaning into a new narrative that your body is worthy and deserving EXACTLY as it is!

And The Body Image Reboot Mini Course is the PERFECT place to start!

This 10 video mini course is PACKED with all the tools and concepts to help you super charge your way towards body acceptance.

Meet Your Coach!

Hey Sister! The name's Katie & even after feeling stuck in the diet-binge cycle for years I finally found my way to freedom! I used to think:

That I had to lose weight to love my body.

I had to always be controlling my body and food "in the name of health"

working out was a chore and a way to punish myself for bad eating choices.

I am here to tell you there is hope! After 25 years of body image issues and multiple dieting attempts that left me feeling WORSE about my body, I finally learned the TRUTH that helped me break free and love the body I am in.

Now I am here to help you do the same.


This course is for you if:

  • want to end the battle against food and your body
  • want to mend bad body beliefs and step into your brilliance
  • desire to build respect for your body in the way you dress, eat, and move
  • are ready to kick diets to the curb and learn how to trust your body for what to eat and how to move.
  • no longer allow bad body image days to control your life
  • want to clear the headspace to be able to be, do, and create anything you truly desire

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You need medical attention for an eating disorder.

  • Are looking to lose weight from a quick fix diet plan.
  • Are not willing to be open minded and discover your infinite potential. 

"Your life changes the moment you make a new, congreuent, and committed decision." - Tony Robbins

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Self Study


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Body Image Reboot Self Study


Choice 1: Continue letting bad body image control your life & never discover the potential your life has without all the bad body talk.

Choice 2: You learn how to break up with bad body image thoughts for good and discover a life without guilt, stress, or anxiety and instead take care of your body from a compassionate place!!


Join the Body Image Reboot self paced course and get started on your journey INSTANTLY!



  • Going to parties or on vacation without feeling stressed about food and your body the whole time.
  • Letting go of all the "when I loose weight" BS and actually start living TODAY
  • Finally separating weight and worth and knowing with confidence that you are worthy of all the desires in your heart.
  • A stronger mindset to carry with your throughout ALL life situations!

Grab Your Course Now!

The course is yours forever PLUS any updates in the future. Use code BODYIMAGE at check out to get $100 off. Expires Nov. 30th.

Self Study


1 time payment

Body Image Reboot Self Study


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