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Avoid Burnout, Manage Anxiety, Increase Your Confidence and Take Control Of Your Life Again. 
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1:1 Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

A Life Coach is someone who helps you to enhance your personal and professional development. They help you identify obstacles that are in your way and how to move through them towards what you want.

On our first call, we will work together to identify key areas in your life that are in need of growth and nourishment and work out a plan together to find a balance across all the important areas of life (Health, money, relationships, creativity, career, etc.). Even if we decide not to continue to work together, I am confident you will walk away with more clarity in your vision than ever before.

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Meet Your Coach!

Hey Lovely! My Name is Katie Pijanowski &  I a Life Coach specializing in Habit Change.

I know what it's like...

  • To feel trapped by negative thoughts of fear, worry, anxiety, depression, & feeling helpless
  • To have it all on paper but to still feel like there is something missing
  • Life can't change or improve until the circumstances improve (more money, lose weight, have a better job or a better relationship, etc.)
  • To have a fire inside to be more and show up more but lack the motivation and drive to get going
  • To not feel at home in my body and to be obsessed around food
  • To be "doing all the things" only to have no results to show for it or feeling burnt out
  • To constantly be stressed about money and feeling like there is never enough
  • To desire fulfilling relationships only to be fighting to be around emotionally draining ones

I spent 26 years of my life letting my circumstance control me. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. I found a way to step out of the victim mentality and into the life I wanted. Now I am here to help YOU take back control in your own life too.


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1:1 Coaching is Perfect For You If: 

● You're going through the motions every single day but you KNOW your life could be so much more

● You're not living your true passion and it's eating you up inside

● You have BIG dreams but no idea how to make them happen

● Your mindset patterns are keeping you stuck

● Anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and fear of failure are consuming you

● You're a victim of your circumstances and not a driving force in your own destiny

● You're so busy trying to make everyone else happy and there's nothing left for you

● You're a high achiever and know what you should be doing but you need support and accountability to see it through 

What's it Like to Work with Katie?

"I have been working with Katie for the past six months and I have completed 2/3 of her Total Transformation 90 Day program! This program has helped me grow in so many ways but especially has helped my mental health. 

I joined this program because I had a series of events in my work and personal life, that led to a very real state of depression. I knew I needed to make the choice to choose myself and Katie provided a program and opportunity to do just that. This program has allowed me to find what motivates me to be the best version of myself. I have worked on my thoughts and how it affects my emotions, my relationship with my body and food, as well as being more present and satisfied with how I am living my life. 

All of this hard work has been possible because of Katie! She has been a wonderful coach and mentor that challenges me, empathizes with me, and celebrates my accomplishments! Each weekly session is tailored and planned to fit with my goals. The activities are fun and thought provoking - they help me sort through my thoughts and emotions to create real breakthroughs and “A Ha” moments! 

I highly recommend working with Katie and her programs! I appreciate all the hard work she puts into my weekly sessions and the focus she gives to me when I call and message her. I am so happy to be a client of hers and even though we are states apart, I know she is working hard to provide me with resources, help and advice! THANK YOU KATIE!"

-Maggie H.

What Other Ladies Are Saying...

Norma S.

"I joined Mind and Body Strong a few weeks ago and I love it. Before joining I was a little intimidated with the program because I didn't know what to expect. Being a mom of 3 I wasn't sure if adding calls with Katie would overwhelm me and simply add to my already busy schedule. I quickly found out that it doesn't. Our calls are motivating, super helpful, and full of great information. Katie helps me take a step back and look at the positives of my life and not the craziness. She's a breath of fresh air. Her confidence, her strength, and her positivity are contagious. There's no judgment, ever. She just listens, gives you tips, and most of all doesn't make you go through strenuous exercises. I already feel better and do things differently. I still have a ways to go, but just a few weeks in and her program has already through me so much!"

Maria N.


"Katie helped me more than she knows. Her hard work and perseverance taught me how to not abandon myself, how to not be as hard on myself as I am & how to understand and learn the needs of my body while respecting my mind. Katie’s love for helping others have the self love and respect that they deserve is inspiring. She pushes you to be your best self according to what you’re comfortable with. She’ll never push you unless you’re willing to commit and she doesn’t give up on anybody. Katie always puts her heart and soul into helping her clients and she always figures out the best ways of doing it. I love working with Katie! She’s truly amazing." 

Want to Learn More?!

Sign up for a complimentary 60 minute discovery call to see if my coaching is a good fit for you. Enter your name and email and you will be redirected to schedule your call!

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