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My name is Katie Pijanowski & I am a certified Life Coach & Trainer specializing in Habit Change. I help women who are tired of the constant battle between food and their bodies. I help them end the guilt and reconnect to their inner guidance so they can create the empowered life they deserve.

I developed Mind & Body Strong because I believe that a health & wellness journey is so much more than following meal plans, diets, or fitness plans. It’s about tuning into our minds & bodies and allowing them to work together to create the results that we want in our lives. And through my proven habit change model, I help you to be able to do all that and more.

But my journey into the health realm was quite the bumpy road & was sparked by wanting to find my own way to navigate the world while feeling great in my own skin.

I had grown up with low self esteem & confidence, especially around my body image. I felt bigger than all the other girls around me, & my negative self talk about how my legs were too big, my face too round, or that I wasn’t pretty or smart enough kept me in a pretty low state of mind.

Looking back, I missed out on a lot of opportunity & experiences simply because I wasn’t confident in my body & feared that others wouldn’t accept me as I was. My heart hurts for that little girl who just wanted to be seen, heard, and loved.

When I graduated high school, I decided enough was enough. No one could change my life but me and thus my mission of mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual health was sparked. 

I became passionate about the Mind & Body connection during my freshman year of college. I loved the idea that our minds & bodies work together & knew that I wanted to educate myself on this so that I could teach it to others. But it wasn’t until after college that I started to really apply all my new knowledge to myself where I experienced the greatest impact. 

At the age of 22, I found myself in the fitness realm, mostly because I was still unhappy in my body & wanted to change (plus no more school meant no more excesses right?!)

Over the next 3 years I learned so much! I learned the importance of putting your own health and happiness first, to enjoy exercise, how to experiment with different foods, nutrition, and I even started to teach group fitness classes, run my own outdoor fitness bootcamps, & coach clients online!! 

Everything was going perfectly… until it wasn’t…

After a physically & mentally challenging 3 month fitness & diet program, I slowly found myself spiral out of control. I was my “fittest and healthiest” ever, yet I found myself over exercising to the point of injury & binging daily on food to the point of feeling sick. In my mind I had to keep going at this pace forever to maintain this new body. No rest days, no “bad” foods, no room for excuses. Right? But the truth was, I was miserable. I felt like an imposture & a failure. As a trainer and health coach, I felt like I should have it all together. Yet I found myself in secret shame about my eating & body. 

It came to the point where I couldn’t exercise regularly because of an over training injury, & I found myself in a panic & coping with tubs or ice cream, whole bags of popcorn, whatever I could get my hands on to numb all the feelings I didn’t want to feel. Thus making the voices in my head about my body image go WILD. I was depressed, withdrawing myself from people and activities I loved, and filled with fear that I would never be able to recover from this all time low. 

I knew something had to change. I knew that I couldn’t live like this forever, let alone have my future kids grow up with a mother who hated her body & couldn’t control herself around food. 

I started going to therapy, reading more self help books, & doing my best to find my way. But it wasn’t until a business mentor & friend of mine shared a concept with me that I was finally able to break free from my mental cage. 

She shared with me: Your language & how you think & speak about yourself matters. Your thoughts create your feelings which drive actions & produce your results in life. If you want a different result, start by shifting your thoughts.

I finally was at that place where the mind & body connection made sense in my life. If I wanted to feel better in my body, I had to first change the way I thought about it as it was in that moment. Where as all the times before I tried to change my body for external reasons or because I was unhappy with it, I shifted to a place where I loved and accepted my body as is. Through this new found acceptance, I found freedom from the obsessive thoughts that were driving my life.

Today I am feeling amazing in my own skin which has in turn positively cared over into my career, relationships, & finances. Finally, I have learned to work through the anxiety around food and my body and find a balanced life I am proud of… and now I want to teach it to YOU!

My goal as your coach is to ask the hard questions to uncover your thought patterns & habits that have been holding you back so we can start to shift them towards the results you want to create in your life. To challenge you in new ways and to hold a space for you where any change is within your reach. What you are capable of is truly limitless. And I am excited to walk alongside you on this journey. 

Want to up level your own life and start taking action towards living a life without food and body shame? Ready to ditch diets for good and learn to trust yourself again (or maybe for the first time)? Email the word "ACTION" to [email protected] and I will help you lay out a plan to step into your most empowered life. 


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